Dyslexic Boy & Mom Create TacScreen

"One of our students and his MOM created TacScreen????  I've been talking about this needed addition for years!"
It's so simple...!! TacScreen is a tactile film screen cover that easily transforms any tablet into a multi-sensory learning device by adding the sense of tactile stimulation with it's bumpy surface. 
"Every child who uses a tablet, whether they have a learning disabiltiy of not, needs this screen!" Vivian Morgan, Special Education
"Vital tactile stimulation for students or patients diagnosed with dyslexia, autism, dysgraphia, loss of cognitive functionality due to age or brain injury & ADHD." Frank Jensen, M. Ed Dexteria Apps
"TacScreen completes the multi-sensory circle for teachers and parents using the iPad for educational development." Amy McAfee, Director of Curriculum & Learning
TacScreen has opened the door to the best of both worlds: tactile learning on top of powerful interactive apps." Frank Jensen, M. Ed Dexteria Apps