TacScreen's Story-Patent Pending iPad Learning Screen targets needs of dyslexia, ADHD, Autism, Early Learners (trademarked)


"When I realized that my child was struggling I was terrified..."

Hi, my name is Susan. I'm a wife, a mother of 3 inspiring children, and the creator of TacScreen. I am also dyslexic! Gasp...no worries..all that really means is that I learn differently!

Here is the story of how I stumbled upon the need for a tactile iPad surface for learning. One of my children was diagnosed with dyslexia, ADHD, and auditory processing issues when he was 7. When I first realized that he was struggling, I was terrified. You see, I had similar undiagnosed difficulties when I was in school. I still ponder how I managed to graduate from USC, but that's another story. Best guess is that I unintentionally acquired coping skills which helped me to navigate through the educational system, you'll hear similar stories from other "old school" different learners. Because of my history, I understood first-hand the importance of treating and tackling his different learning needs head on. At the time, the school system had a different tactic; instead, I was assured that we didn't need to focus on his current struggles until the 3rd grade. In other words...."Don't Disrupt Our System!" Wow, I couldn't allow my eager son to be treated with disregard and consequently lose years of important education because he absorbed and processed information differently. With a clear understanding of our public school's limitations, we immediately began independently educating our son through Orton Gillingham tactile learning and speech & language professionals.

It was through this specialized educational process that I was introduced to the importance of tactile learning. Of course, looking back, it's easy to identify the tactile environment of our preschools. However, I had never truly contemplated the benefits of sand, clay, and texture used for educating very young children. It was now beginning to make sense! Mult-sensory stimulation is a vital part of education this is why I created TacScreen . There is simply a need for the sense of tactile touch on touchscreen devices in order to increase the benefits of the learning apps already being used to supplement the educational needs of our children.

I am confident that you will agree with the fundamental solution that TacScreen provides for all children whether they have a learning disability or not.

Together we can integrate the benefits of tactile learning early on in the educational process, before a child is lost or discouraged based on the simple fact that they learn differently.

Thank you for the opportunity to share TacScreen!

Susan :)

Touching is Learning...

TacScreen is a simple bumpy film screen cover that delivers vital tactile stimulation for students or patients diagnosed with dyslexia, autism, dysgraphia, loss of cognitive functionality due to age or brain injury & ADHD. Not to mention the benefit to early advanced learners. Transform any touch screen tablet into a multi-sensory learning device by adding the sense of tactile stimulation with it's bumpy protective film screen.

Professional Reviews of TacScreen

"TacScreen has opened the door to the best of both worlds: tactile learning on top of powerrful interactive apps." Frank Jensen, M.Ed Dexteria Apps

"TacScreen is an amazing multi-sensory tool that capitalizes on the brilliance of touch screen tablets'" Orton Gillingham Online Academy

"TacScreen has been a phenomenal to my therapy toolkit. My students beg to pratice their names and write new words on my iPad using TacScreen." Speech Language Literacy Lab

"I think that every child who uses a tablet whether they have a learning disability or not, needs this screen." Special Education Teacher