Dyslexic Thinking Recognized as a Valued LinkedIn Skill Set

Dyslexic Thinking is now officially recognised as a valuable skill!

Dyslexic Thinking is now officially recognized as a valuable skill!

Today is a HUGE moment for dyslexics everywhere, and I couldn’t be prouder to share the news…

From today, “Dyslexic Thinking” will be recognised as a vital skill by LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network. They’ll offer their 810+ million members globally the chance to add “Dyslexic Thinking” to their profile.

In another incredible step forward, Dyslexic Thinking will enter the dictionary as a valuable and vital skill set – as dictionary.com confirms it will add it as an official term.

Both of these amazing developments are all thanks to a successful campaign spearheaded by Made By Dyslexia, in partnership with Richard Branson.

This is a monumental milestone for Made By Dyslexia, our allies and our amazing community – on the eve of our fifth birthday. Together, we have redefined Dyslexic Thinking as a valuable skill set and, in doing this, we’ve helped the world to properly understand and value it. This giant leap in the workplace will help us to influence how Dyslexic Thinking is seen in the education system and beyond – helping us to drive the change that’s needed in these spheres – fast.

Dyslexic Thinking matches with skills needed for the future as defined by the World Economic Forum. They also match with the Top Ten skills workplaces need today as found by our latest report, The Dyslexic Dynamic, produced in partnership with ManpowerGroup Talent Solutions.

Dyslexic Thinking skills like creativity, problem-solving and leadership are vital to the 21st century workplace, when we reach a 50-50 work split between machines and humans, as predicted for 2025 – the skills humans will need are Dyslexic Thinking skills. The world’s largest professional careers platform, LinkedIn, has recognised this.  

Now is the time for dyslexics to stand out, rather than blend in – and share their sought-after skills with organisations who are actively recruiting for them. And now is the time for Dyslexic Thinking to be empowered in every workplace to harness the power of those who think differently.

Watch the film below, featuring brilliant minds who are Made By Dyslexia (including Richard Branson, space scientist and educator Maggie Aderin-Pocock and many more) and see how easy it is to add Dyslexic Thinking to your profile today.