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Complete the multi-sensory circle by adding the sense of touch to any touchscreen device. Vital tactile stimulation essential for kids with dyslexia, autism, ADHD, executive functioning, auditory processing & advanced early learners

Unlock the brains powerful connection between learning & touch!
TacScreen-Trace2Learn Letters App

NEW! Trace2Learn Letters iPad App

Check out our new iPad app, Trace2Learn Letters...the perfect companion to the TacScreen product line.

Parents and children will be excited and encouraged to practice upper and lowercase letters of the alphabet, along with long and short vowel sounds by an intuitive sequence of letter tracing along with proper pronunciation, cheerful sounds, corresponding vivid images, and rewarding incentives targeting hands-on early learners.

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TacScreen at Home

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O.T.'s, teachers, & parents are discarding their sand trays for TacScreen. "TacScreen adds the sense of tactile stimulation to any educational app without the mess of sand trays or tactile letters."

Excited to Learn

TacScreen's bumpy surface builds a better connection while learning to process information and it's fun! Perfect for independent or group sections at home and in the classroom.

Made by Dyslexia for All

Instructing and answering questions from interested teachers and children is fun. When it's the same school that questioned your abilities and intelligence because you learned differently, AND it's regarding the product and app that you co-founded..... Now that's a very good day! Made by Dyslexia for Everyone

TacScreen in the Classroom.

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October 10, 2019 - TacScreen was featured on Central Valley Today. Please enjoy this interview to meet the makers and learn the story of the TacSreen!https://www.yourcentralvalley.com/central-valley-today/tacscreen/

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TacScreen named “Current Obsession”

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