Tactile Learning Screen targets-dyslexia-autism-ADHD-early learners

Utilize the powerful connection between learning & touch

TacScreen is a simple bumpy film screen that delivers vital tactile stimulation for students or patients diagnosed with dyslexia, autism, dysgraphia, loss of cognitive functionality due to age or brain injury & ADHD. Transform any touch screen tablet into a multi-sensory learning device by adding the sense of tactile stimulation with it's bumpy screen.  (Protective and Removable TacScreen versions available at TacScreen.com.)

  • "TacScreen has opened the door to the best of both worlds: tactile learning on top of powerrful interactive apps." Frank Jensen, M.Ed Dexteria Apps
  • "TacScreen is an amazing multi-sensory tool that capitalizes on the brilliance of touch screen tablets'" Orton Gillingham Online Academy
  • "TacScreen has been a phenomenal to my therapy toolkit. My students beg to pratice their names and write new words on my iPad using TacScreen." Speech Language Literacy Lab
  • "I think that every child who uses a tablet whether they have a learning disability or not, needs this screen." Special Education Teacher