Patrick Mon Pere

Patrick Maximo Mon Pere, San Joaquin Memorial, September 2020

High school has been a memorable journey, allowing me the opportunity to experience and learn new things as I expand my horizons. Although it is certain that there will be struggles along the way, I understand from past experiences that overcoming obstacles build strength. I feel well prepared for the transition into college and look forward to utilizing my acquired strength to support others in need of equal opportunities and representation. 


Early Exposure Program Donation October 2020

Early acceptance of Different Learners. Distance learning donation of 50 Removable TacScreens given to be used in kindergarten classes at local schools.  Virtual demonstration for children and parents with various learning apps including TacScreen-Trace2Learn Letters for Apple iOS.


CBS “Your Central Valley”  October 2019

Live TV interview introduced TacScreen Tactile Learning Screen and TacScreen-Trace2Learn Letters iOS application. Created specifically to meet the needs of early and different learners.


Early Exposure Program - Tactile Learning February 2020

Interactive outreach program targeting the specific tactile needs of early learners. Introduced various tactile learning tools, shared experiences as a different learner, demonstrated TacScreen and TacScreen App, and answered questions from parents, teachers, and children.

Video speaking directly to students and teachers:


Educational Travels: Venice to Rome Summer 2019

Educational travel to Italy provided a hands-on opportunity to experience art, history, and culture.  Special moment with Italian grandparents and siblings while studying in Florence, Italy. 


EdRev Conference Volunteer, Technical Lab March 2019

An annual volunteer at EdRev, a San Francisco based conference dedicated to the “1 in 5” children with learning and social differences.  Demonstrating a wide range of Assistive Technology tools available to parents, educators, and children. 

San Joaquin Memorial JV/Varsity Water Polo & Swim, 2017-2020

Highly competitive and strenuous water polo team. Demanded a large amount of time for practice and games 9 months a year 4/5 days a week. This included summers, weekends, and holidays.


 EdRev Exhibitor Volunteer for Assistive Technology 2018


Rock Your Homeschool Virtual Conference

COVID, Remote Learning Outreach. Demonstrated functionality of TacScreen and TacScreen-Trace2Learn Letters iOS App during virtual homeschool conference.


Shark Tank Video, May 2017
Presenting and demonstrating TacScreen for Shark Tank audition. Describing how it compares to tracing letters in sand used in Orton Gillingham tutoring for dyslexia.